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International Mathematical Modeling Challenge
Greater China Regional Final Presentation

The 5th Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IMMC)

2019 Finalist Presentation Hosted by Faculty of Engineering, CUHK

The 5th Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge - Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Regional & International Finalist Presentation Competition was successfully held on April 26 & 27 which was hosted by the Faculty of Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The teams went through the Autumn and/or Winter seasons, and International Round before they entered the finalist presentation round. They were selected among more than 580 teams from the 4 areas of China after their papers were presented in front of the Grand Jury.

There were more than 30 countries and regions registering in IMMC 2019. From the top 50 finalist teams in Greater China, the best 2 papers each from Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau will be selected and recommended to the International Expert Panel by the IMMC Committee (Greater China). (Other participating countries or regions will each select the best one or two papers for the International Expert Panel's Judgement). All of the recommended papers will be examined in the beginning of June in Florence in Italy.

The problems of IMMC 2019 continue to align with the idea of STEM Education so as to integrate Mathematics with Science, Technology and Engineering and to apply mathematics in social and economic development and daily life. Taking account that Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been playing significant role in all aspects of the society in recent years and AI is an important domain in applying mathematical modeling, IMMC 2019 set AI as the theme of one of the problems (Problem A). The problem of the international round provides an opportunity for students to think as a global citizen and to express their planet concern through mathematical modeling in addressing the challenges our mother Earth is facing when raising the humankind in this planet.

IMMC 2019 Problems (Greater China):
Problem A: Nurturing Chatbot for Chatting about the History of Artificial Intelligence
Problem B: The Self-Control Mechanism in Online Gameplaying
Problem C: Calibrating Accelerometers
Problem D: Positioning and Treatment of Air Pollution Sources
Self-Chosen Problem: proposed by teams themselves
IMMC 2019 - Problem(International): What is the Earth’s carrying capacity for human life?

The top 50 teams represent the quality of IMMC 2019 in Greater China. After the presentation and judgement by the Grand Jury, 20 teams were awarded Outstanding Awards among whom 12 teams are for the Greater China Regional Contest and 8 teams, the International Round. They are the teams from The High School Affiliated to Southwest University, St. Paul's Co-educational College, Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School, Escola Hou Kong among other schools.

Based on the contest platform, IMMC also carries out extended teaching series, Advanced Innovation Program(AIP) and regional or international joint school mathematical modeling activities to advocate STEM education and to nurture creativity and innovation. All of the endeavors converge for students to experience the value of mathematical modeling, and its relevance with their current studies, university studies and even the future career so as to create values for students' lifelong development.


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